american diversity essay

as the melting pot of culture; this metaphor is used to express the multi ethnicity of America. However, the rate of English adoption grows with succeeding generations. Some people see God as an "Authoritarian God who will punish anyone who is not faithful or doesn't believe in God. The concept of the melting point means America is not comprised of one culture; it is made up of a variety of cultures. Retrieved May 20, 2007, from. These differences, including religion, ethnic background and culture are like a mosaic. Spanish is the main Goleta English is a slang term used to describe the form of English in Puerto Rican communities in Puerto Rico and around the world.

The number of women giving birth before marriage is steadily increasing. Of all the major Hispanic groups, only the Cuban Americans identify themselves with the Republican Party with 49 of eligible voters who identify themselves as Republicans. By the time the country was founded, its population was not only comprised of white people, but the country culture was based on their common heritage. As compared to other times in American History, we are diverse in our ideas, thoughts, and opinions. The poverty rate for Colombian Americans is only.5 compared.4 for the Hispanic average. Family is highly valued among Colombian Americans. Usually, the term Hispanic Americans does not include immigrants from Spain; it is used primarily to refer to individuals originating from Central and South America. The Hispanic population is also having the most babies in the United States. For example, many South American cultures prize family relations above all else, and a focus on the family as a unit is an integral part of their culture. American diversity is the source of its strength and success. This is due to Puerto Rico being a territory of the United States. The first Mexican Americans would be those living in Mexican lands which were annexed by the growing United States gangs in america essay including the states of California and Texas.

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