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ranging from name recognition to the ability to affect events from the Oval Office to advantages in building a campaign operation (you can see a sampling here, here, here, and here. Stephen Krupin, Director of Executive communications at SKDknickerbocker and director of speechwriting on president obama's re-election campaign "Lauren Wright has achieved that rarest of scholarly contributions: to address a deeply familiar subject (First Ladies, in this case) and indelibly shift our perspective. Bush increasing the total vote for the Republican ticket by more than 20 percent two elections in a row, from 39 million votes in 1996 (with Ross Perot still on the ballot, although weaker than in 1992 to 50 million in 2000, to 62 million. In principle, no one disputes that intelligence operations should be conducted strictly within the bounds of law, and that intelligence and law-enforcement professionals should be guided solely by evidence and analytic rigor in producing their assessments.

Its conceivable that Republicans could choose a nominee who brings in a lot of new voters while alienating a big chunk of their baseRand Paul might excite a lot of libertarians while losing many national-security hawks and law-and-order voters, Brian Sandoval could win over Hispanic. Johnsons suspicions probably increased his inclination to side with the Defense Departments optimistic assessments of the Vietnam War over the CIAs more pessimisticand, in retrospect, more accurateanalyses. Wrights work is both historically important and culturally entertaining.". While I ignored faithless elector cases, in two cases, I included states that flipped only partially in the Electoral CollegeNebraska in 2008 (where Obama won one congressional districts separate electoral vote, hence, a flip.2 states) and Maryland in 1908 (Maryland put the names.

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First, looking prospectively from the prior election, I included every state in which the incumbent won at least 45 percent but less than 60 percent of the two-party vote. Davis, who would later go on to represent the losing side miss brill character analysis essay in Brown. Lauren Wright explains the how and why of this process in an extremely well written and provocative analysis. In fact, looking at the two-party vote, no non-incumbent since Ulysses. But any intelligent discussion of 2016 must begin with the fact that history is very strongly against the Democrats in 2016. Before 2012, no presidential candidate since Carter in 1976 had built a winning coalition while losing voters over 30 or losing Independents by five points. The natural American distrust of our political class and distaste for permanent ruling parties is also an ingrained factor. New voters register, and voters who didnt vote before show up at the polls, while others die or stay home. The Natural Equilibrium of the Two Party System.

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