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the website, handed over my email address and was immediately emailed a free copy of the resource. 7 December 2016 Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas Dow Schüll,. She is an expert in her field with over 30 years of experience. In summary, Focus was an interesting read and while my interests lie in the application of focused attending and a more open awareness toward experience Goleman did cover this but not in the depth I personally would have liked. In Release the Beast, Romy Sai Zunde explores childrens anger and frustration in a fun but clever way. Because, as she says, the more you fight a thought or a feeling, the more it stays stuck.

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I particularly liked the advice to, figure out your signature strengths and then try and find avenues in life to exercise them. Author Emma Seppala argues that it is and that happiness is actually the key to success, not the other way round as we are taught from a young age. Johnson sets the goal of learning about one new species per month. In the introduction, Painter says how therapeutic it was for her to draw while she was struggling with her own mental health and hopes the images will help others too. Calming the Emotional Storm: Using dialectical behaviour therapy skills to manage your emotions and balance your life Van Dijk,. Two ways to help remove discrimination The book shows how people working in mental health can help challenge discrimination and looks at the role of friends and family and people with a legal, policy or campaigning interest. Words slant unevenly down the page. Some of it, yes, no doubt you have.