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money and dont steal office supplies. Okay, we didnt have to show up but it was strongly encouraged. PhDs excel in all three of these areas. Anyone can learn something and then repackage. In your case, I would suggest "Yes, put. They all said that graduate school was a dead end and ruined their lives. I was 100 sure I wanted out of academia, though I was too afraid to tell my advisor about. D on staff especially would be non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, research think-tanks, and consulting. So if someone has a smart phone, they can convert the physical card to a contact on their phone/tablet by scanning.

To learn more about transitioning into a non-academic career, including instant access to our exclusive training videos, case studies, industry insider documents, transition plan, and private online network, join the Cheeky Scientist Association. I didnt want to give. The word count was growing every day, but my arguments and conclusions werent necessarily getting any clearer. Rewrite your resume, change your interview approach, and position yourself correctly this time. Remember when you graduated college at the top of your class and went to graduate school thinking you were going to be a rock star doctor with golden hands who would be able to get world-changing, Nature-worthy data in a few weeks? Industries in which you would NOT put your degree on your business card would probably be software high-tech (because no one cares) or in academia (not because no one cares, but basically any assistant professor and up basically has. Position yourself properly, ask the right questions, and get the job you want. The point of a business card is to provide contact details.

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