importance of national festivals in kannada essay

their festivals with great pomp and show. For some, festivals are unnecessary distractions but for others, they are very important. Types of Festivals, every religion has got its own set of festivals based upon Mythology, birth of a great saint or to signify the arrival of a particular season. Buddha Purnima, it is celebrated by Buddhists, particularly by people of Mahayana sect in remembrance. It is a wonderful event that brings happiness to the lives of the people. Thus this festival brings everyone under one roof and to have a state of bliss for at least for a certain period of time. So for the development of Nature (humans, animals, water, air etc.) and harmony between people in the society, its important to celebrate festivals. We all work and live separately, we dont know each other, but on festivals, you pray and wish everyone on social media and offline Happy Diwali, Happy Christmas, Happy New year. The way to a free India goes through a clean India. It is usually celebrated for a period of 10 days, marking the occasion of mystical god Ganesha.

Even festivals were used as an effective tool in achieving national unity during the Indian independence movement. Todays devils look great in person and have popularity around the world. Celebrating Republic Day each Year bring back the memory of the struggles sacrifices of our freedom fighters for achieving democracy and self rule in the Nation.

The festival forms an auspicious day for everyone and also for other celebrations that are prevalent in every. At the national level, the festivals help to promote patriotic spirit and solidarity in the society. Contextual translation of "importance national festival " into Kannada. Human translations with examples: kannada, national festival.

Also, we must stand united whether against any foreign oppression or working for the progress of the Nation. That day when god killed the devils known as the most beautiful and auspicious for people. . Gandhi was one of the greatest leaders of Indias Independence movement and advocated non violence and civil disobedience for attaining swaraj or self rule. And positive behaviors towards everyone no matter about cast, religion, colors and occupation and sense of respect for everyone it spreads brotherhood, love, and faith in the society. That keeps us attached to relationships in society. Now in Kalyug or previous era, it does not matter how different we are in color, salary, occupation, job, position, and money we are still taking O2 from trees and plants. You can go with this long essay on Importance of National Festivals as per your requirement.