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it could not return from was World War I, which inflicted serious pain on Russia. The influence Rasputin had on the royal family as well as the scandalous relationship assumed to be between Alexandra and Rasputin discredited the Tsarist government. Therefore it is possible that the Russian revolution could have been avoided. Rasputin then gained influence over Alexandra, who in turn had influence over the Tsar.

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Most of the people wanted a constitutional monarchy, such as Britain. On the 2nd of March 1917, Nicholas II abdicated and within a few hours, the Grand Duke, Nicholas IIs brother, refused the responsibility of the throne. His connection to the Tsarina was deep, and he often advised her on matters pertaining to the country. The Tsar's conservative nature restricted him in his ability to reform and being able to prevent most of the tragic events that lead to the collapse of the dynasty. The duma and the majority of Russias upper class no longer supported the Tsar. Looks a Rasputins involvement in the fall of the Romanov Dynasty. The petition demanded a series of measures that would improve the position of those being exploited by their factory owners. This loss highlighted the inefficiencies of the regime as well as its military weakness, further discontenting the Russian people and increasing their demands for reform. In 1816, serfdom was abolished and peasants were free, however were required to pay compensation for land that they believed they already owned. Although intensified emotions of patriotism temporarily calmed civil disputes, the hardships of the war brutally hit the home front.

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