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be received in the office of the Dean by March 1, 2018. The applicant must complete the application form. The dean of the College of Psychology has the sole discretion on granting the scholarship. A Student in good standing is eligible for nomination by a College of Psychology administrator or faculty member. Background, the Alfred Sellers Memorial Endowment Fund was funded by donations from College of Psychology faculty, staff, alumni, College of Psychology SGA, and others in memory of Alfred Sellers,. A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required.

D., a faculty member and alumnus of the College of Psychology. The purpose of this scholarship is to enhance the process of student research (e.g., assist with dissertation, directed study, or other projects). Eligibility, the applicant must be a current student in good standing enrolled in the. A letter of recommendation is considered to be a letter from a person who has worked with the applicant in an academic, supervisory or research capacity (e.g., faculty course instructor, clinical supervisor, research supervisor).

At least one letter of recommendation must be a letter from an NSU course instructor. Nova Southeastern University College of Psychology is now accepting nominations/applications for the Alfred Sellers Memorial Endowment Fund. This scholarship is available to outstanding College of Psychology clinical psychology students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the Office of Enrollment and Student Services of Nova Southeastern University. An NSU Transcript must be submitted with the application (available through WebStar). A letter of support may be from an individual, agency, community group or institution speaking to attributes possessed by the applicant or activities in which the applicant has engaged in which are commensurate with the purpose of the Alfred Sellers Memorial Endowment Scholarship. Applications shall be reviewed by the Alfred Sellers Memorial Scholarship Committee. The dollar amount of the scholarship varies and is payable in the form of a tuition waiver. Students can make application independently. The application must provide a short description of the research proposal as well as a letter of interest.