gangs in america essay

the same lifestyle. Gang graffiti is not only advertises the gang's presence but it is a sign of claiming a territory. Crips ON THE east side OF THE (P). Member B, also seems to have a dysfunctional family as he recalled himself not receiving the love and need from his parents. Response: The only way we can help the youth is target entertainment, I know that as long as rappers make being in gangs cool it will never go away.

Gangs in america essay
gangs in america essay

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The main reason he stayed with them was because they treated him like family, they cared for him and provided him with safety as he was younger then them. They go into detox or a holding cell for 8 hours then get an hour of community service, said Becky Sotherland, an officer with the tribal police. Individuals tend to learn towards or away from crime depending on the beliefs and norms of the people they socialize with (Williams McShane, 1999). Al., 1994: Klein, 1993). He also mentioned that he grew up in a neighbourhood surrounded by different gangs and when turfs wars struck he chose to take the side of his gang then his family, which also gave him respect and status for his activities. The interviews that were taken forward involved asking the same questions to each gang member to compare and contract their responses in order to find any resemblances for their reason to join. We also learn from him that gaining respect/ status and self esteem is also one of the reasons individuals receive from membership which could be one of the reasons they stay in the gang. The problem of street gangs is found in all most all fifty states. Police fighting gang violence can be presented with exaggerated gang numbers to give departments motivation while some departments may deny having gang problems at all to appease the public.

Du Phuoc Long interweaves. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department, there are approximately 20,000. Asian gang members in Los Angeles County. Based on a survey conducted by m in 2009, we have estimated that number to be substantially smaller, between 9,000 and 12,000 members county wide. Mara Salvatrucha (MS also known.

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