importance of rural development essay

the highest importance to these systems because once they are tried and tested in the implementation of mgnrega; lessons can be drawn and used for other flagship programmes as well. Animals can walk to the central city for sale or for butchering. Discuss the importance of von Thunen theory in our appreciation of rural geography. Maintaining rural communities that are viable is one among three strategic aims set out by CAP in the Commissions Communication on the CAP towards 2020 and it justifies certain terms that are aimed at making rural development a success. Horticultural crops giving higher returns. Agriculture also ensures that rural people become self sufficient as they dont have to rely on the government. Boosts better governance and capacity development-Through development of agriculture, communities are able to develop and establish better governance which boosts the overall performance of any country. The von Th√ľnen model is important because it was the original attempt to isolate the effects of one variable on the spatial economy. In reality, soil quality varies, agricultural wages differ and the costs of inputs and marketing change with transport costs and with the bulk and perishability of produce. The third zone consists of extensive fields crops such as grains for bread.

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The importance of the Rural Development : The people of India live mostly in rural areas (villages).
Therefore, it is in the heart of the villages that the nation lives.

Importance of rural development essay
importance of rural development essay

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When they shift to the cities, they get access to all these facilities. For example, a horticultural farmer may need to shift his or her production area; thus, the impact of urban expansion on agriculture may be an increase in overall costs. Though this process has some disadvantages like environmental pollution, the high cost of living, etc., its advantages outweigh all of them. Contact us today, place your order and we guarantee you will not be disappointed! They can open new businesses in the newly established transit routes and hence, gain more profits. The Workshop was attended by representatives from ministries/ departments of the Union Government, Secretaries of the State Governments in charge of Rural Development, officers from the districts, academicians, economists, activists from NGOs and other stakeholders. This will give them more stability in the technologically advanced economy. The increase in the competition is due to this rapid change in the population of the urban areas. Farmers in the Isolated State transport their own goods to market via oxcart, across land, directly to the central city. Top on the list is maintenance of viable rural communities because farming is an economic activity that is of great importance to them especially in the creation of employment.

importance of rural development essay

Sample Essay on Importance of Agriculture in Rural Development.
Boosts better governance and capacity development -Through development of agriculture, communities are able to develop and establish better governance which boosts the overall performance of any country.
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