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(Ireland Moschatel Press (UK Poetic Practice (Royal Holloway University Reality Street Editions, Veer Books, West House Books, Wild Hawthorn Press,. Nash, Sterne, Goethe.) through Dada, Vorticism etc onto Punk and the DIY Esemplasm)." Their cultural activities are even richer than that! Good audio material on her website. As/Is "A group poetry blog founded by Andrew Lundwall and Clayton. It includes over 60 complete books, new and reprinted. William Blake Birthday Book static site "To celebrate the 250th anniversary of William Blake's birth, on 28th November 2007, artists Felicity Roma Bowers and Helen Elwes and poet Micalef invited over 60 artists and poets inspired by the spirit and work of William Blake. LitRefs: Tim Love's literary references amended listing is a vast and exhaustive listing of Internet sites relevant to poetry and literature (with a UK bias). But also somewhat quiet of late. Prynne, and every avant-garde movement from Baudelaire (but even before too viz. Material includes Simon Jarvis, 'Why Rhyme Pleases' and Henri Meschonnic, 'The Rhythm Party Manifesto plus John Wilkinson reading Gerald Manley is death penalty justified argumentative essay Hopkins and Denise Riley John Milton. Sighming: Tammy Ho Lai-ming's Homepage contains poems and other writings, photos and information.

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We Magazine 19: Creative Cannibalism static site A complex mix, including pdfs from such as Geof Huth, Brian Kim Stefans, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Brandon Arthur, Catherine Daly, Bruce Andrews; animation video material from such as miekal aND, Jim Andrews, Justin Katko, Alan Sondheim, Lawrence Upton; audio. And some Bern Porter too. The Cambridge Literary Review is a triannual (termly) magazine of poetry, short fiction, and criticism, edited by Boris Jardine and Lydia Wilson. Leeds Surrealist Group Really good stuff. Patrick Coyle new listing Chronological archive of Patrick Coyle's performances, exhibitions and publications.

Dark mucus: occasional aspic cashmere slash is Frances Kruk's blog. Interesting programming for Great Works habitues are: Relevant scheduling on Resonance FM, with day and time, plus programme title and brief details: Wednesday,.00-15.00 Late Lunch with Out To Lunch Friday,.30-20.00 The Sound Projector Radio Show ; Music and chat. Georgiasam is a damn good personal literary blog, with a wondrous Beckettian interest (and much else) highly enjoyable few poems, but highly poetic.

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