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character, a daydreamer, on his friend Walter Mithoff. Analysis: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. "The Old Man ain't afraid of hell"." Right after they said that Mitty is brought to reality by his wife complaining that Mitty was driving too fast. Retrieved "Is it illegal to wear medals you weren't awarded?". O'Brien was born on April 18, 1963 in Brookline, Massachusetts.

This story centers around the hilarious and amusing daydreams of Walter Mitty an ordinary man, who resides in Waterbury, Connecticut, with his overbearing, nagging wife Mrs. Walter Mitty goes into daydreams throughout and is almost always rudely awakened from his. Mitty, in his daydream, is a commander to a hydroplane, a seaplane, trying to get through a hurricane.

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The genre of this short story would be comedy, Thurbers writing style is quiet creative and show more content, mittys second daydream occurs after he drives past a hospital on his way to the parking lot, he thinks he is a famous surgeon, heroic character. Collegeuniversity, thurber's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Proverbial references edit, the character's name has come into more general use to refer to an ineffectual dreamer and appears in several dictionaries. Doing a history essay statement for a - eNotes thesis statement for a comparative paper thesis statements for the secret life of walter mitty on "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and "The Story. 11 1 reference to Walter Mitty in Hutton report on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Character and plot edit, mitty is a meek, mild man with a vivid fantasy life. Retrieved 1 February 2015. Though merely ordered to move on now that the traffic signal has turned green, Mitty (whose last name recalls the sort of gloves imposed on children) acts to rectify all misbehaviors.

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