using newspapers for academic research

2018). New York Times from 1851-about 4 years ago (rolling wall). Some of what we learned from this study wasnt surprising it affirmed that newspapers are an important resource for research in the arts, social sciences and humanities. Meyer looked at were cited in scholarly articles about nursing, public health, pediatrics, general medicine and other related topics. Indexing: New York Times Index. Of course, such credible, authoritative and accessible information isnt just important to journalists covering these issues. Newspapers on the Internet (LibGuide from Bowling Green State University) Guide that provides access to online historical newspapers in the United States Historical Worldwide Newspapers on the Internet (LibGuide from Bowling Green State University) Guide that provides access to online historical newspapers - use tabs. The New York Times might be such a valuable resource for research in this area. The Raleigh Times on microfilm - Ask at Ask Us center,. Hill Lib Z6951.L3 Concise History of the British Newspaper Produced by The British Library Union List of Selected West European Newspapers and News Magazines in New York Metropolitan Libraries Browse list by Country or by Title.

Experts in this context are authorities from the likes of the World Health Organization or Center for Disease Control, for example, who can impart reliable observations, information and analysis which are critical for scholarly research. It includes some online non-free newspapers that may not be inlcude in the sites listed above. Meyers study or by downloading his complete report, The Scholarly Impacts of Newspapers. Journalists tend to" experts as sources, according to the authors of the study. North Carolina Newspaper Digitization Project, produced by the North Carolina State Archives, these are digitized versions of the earliest North Carolina newspapers from 1751 to the 1890s. AI21.N44 (3rd floor bookstacks) This is the standard print index to the New York Times. Courtney Suciu is ProQuests lead blog writer. Her loves include libraries, literacy and researching extraordinary stories related to the arts and humanities. It is essential for successful public health studies at every level, from undergraduate research projects to peer-reviewed scholarly articles published in academic journals, as we discovered from Prof. Why are newspapers valuable for scholarly public health research?

We interviewed eight academic historians who largely embraced.
The fi rst is to identify how historians use newspapers, regardless of the format.
The Importance of Using Newspapers for Research.
Reconstructing a F amily Member s Life Story through Newspaper Research.