philosophy of religion introductory essays

that religious claims and scientific claims are opposed to each other, and that therefore religions are false. "Spiritual Freedom and the New Education in New Era" in Home and School. (New Series) xxvii (July 1919. New Delhi: Nehru Abhinandan Committee, 1949.

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philosophy of religion introductory essays

Full-text journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays across all fields of religion and theology including Biblical studies, world religions, church history, and religious perspectives on social issues from 1949 to the present. Philosophy doesn t have to be daunting. Thanks to the Continuing Education program at Oxford University, you can now ease into philosophical thinking by listening to five lectures collectively called. The Nanzan Institute for.

They are the pioneer researchers in the realm of the spirit who saw more in the world than their followers. The practical doxastic venture model where faith is seen as a commitment to believe in the trustworthiness of a religious truth or in God. "Supreme Values of the Spirit" (Speech on the laying of the foundation-stone to Holdar House, Banaras Hindu University) reprinted in Benaras Hindu University News Letter. Moral intuitions result in "a redemption of our loyalties and a remaking of our personalities" (IVL 115). Xxxiii, Number 8 (August 1928. "Educational Reform" in The Calcutta Review. Such experiences are not "abnormal" according to Radhakrishnan, nor are they unscientific. This view is espoused by the likes of Aldous Huxley, the thinkers of the Traditionalist School as well as Neo-Vedanta. Hogg was a Scottish Presbyterian missionary who was educated in the theology of Albrecht Ritschl and studied under the philosopher Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison. 15, The Theistic Endeavor Society of Madras.

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