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of 24 credit hours. It will help you to organize your paper, and it will help your readers to follow your thoughts. Remember, that you will need to clarify all the details of your assignment. Supervisor: Dan Wunderli Author: Sabine Musterfrau Course of studies: Economics Student ID: Address: Musterstrasse Zurich Date: 13 Shrinkage Estimation of Covariance Matrices with Applications to Portfolio Optimization Master Thesis Department of Economics University of Zurich Prof. The arrangement shall mirror the logical structure of the thesis and needs to be a first indicator of its contents. Name of Publisher, Initials, Editors, Title of Handbook / Anthology, pages, Publisher, Publisher location, Edition. Including the table of contents, the page enumeration is in small-case roman numbers (i, ii, iii, iv, and so forth). When youve gathered the sources, read them carefully for a few times and make sure that you understand everything.

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Remember that plagiarism may result in failing your paper. However, the process of writing a seminar paper and the format is the same. Two additional courses of the student's choosing at the graduate level. Dont wait until there are essays on childhood obesity only a few days left. Multipage tables should be avoided if possible; separation into several tables or downsizing is advisable.