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places (Mitchell/McBride. American Cuisine, america is commonly known as the globe's melting pot. As for American folk art, one can say its an artistic style, identified with quilts as well as other hand-crafted things. Mississippi, Democrats established the poll tax and literacy requirements in order to vote. African Americans make. The tide began to turn for the black community in the landmark Supreme Court decision of Brown.

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When they arrived to America, they brought several recipes with them which consisted of dairy and baked goods such as baked beans, turkey, porridge, and pie. As follows from any african american culture essay, in the USA one can discover almost any known religion as religious freedom is one of the well-known achievements of this country. One thing is certain, however, America must always remember the hardships it forced these groups to endure for no other reasons than the greed, hatred, ignorance, and racism that allow discrimination to flourish. In its early history, American cuisine has been under a powerful impact of Native Americans and Europeans. The Congress, dominated by anti-slavery Republicans, was determined to ram through sweeping civil rights legislation equalizing blacks and whites. We also get stereotype ideas by what is on the television and movies now days. However, as time went on, the African American community was robbed of its rights due to a coalition between white supremacists eager to keep freed blacks at the bottom of society and Democrats eager to gain a Southern power-base. But, after World War I, the plight of the Native Americans was somewhat relieved because of pity for their wretched reservation life and attempts were made to give them both reparations for lost lands and representation in American politics. The first is the most common and that is Christianity, Which is known as the black church.

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