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But look; you want to give the benefit of the doubt. Icons created by Eva Verbeek, Marco Galtarossa, Vladimir Belochkin, Dinosoft Labs, Rflor, B Farias, and Creative Outlet from. But, you still want to give him the benefit of the doubt. The problem is that it doesnt even seem to pass the sniff test. So, when people told me about this book, I was like, let me guess: he sells a line of lectin-blocking supplements. Thats the opposite of the truth. For example: Eating shellfish and egg yolks dramatically reduces total cholesterol. I mean, thats unbelievable.

Because of lectins, which is a rehashing of the discredited Blood Type Diet from decades ago. Add egg yolks to peoples diets, and their cholesterol goes. Yeah, but this was written by.D., which, if youve seen my medical school videos, youll know is effectively an anti -credential when it comes to writing diet booksbasically advertising to the world that youve received likely little or no formal training in nutrition. Oh, did I not essay arranged love marriages mention his skin care line? And, here.