grades don't define you essay

will be, your failures. I was placed in the higher track with other smart kids, and our teachers expected a lot more.

They arent asking how much of an improvement youve made since your last quiz. Tests are not, and never will be, a definition of your worth or success.

It may be a tough truth to swallow, but you re only hurting yourself if you pretend like grades don t matter.
Colleges look at grades, scholarship organizations.
Grades defining you as a person and defining your intelligence is a growing issue.

That is all around ridiculous. But when I think about all of the mental breakdowns, all of the teachers that doubted me, all of the classmates that laughed at me when I gave the wrong answer, and all of the times I left class to go cry in the bathroom. I struggled a lot in certain subjects, finding myself unable to focus on things that didnt interest. Even though you think someone has your dream life or even that grades you wish. How do grades define an art majors work? The criteria and content is changing every single year, sometimes dramatically. You're Not Dumb Because You Have a Low Grade. An education is the one of few things an individual can give themselves.

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