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Role of External radiotherapy in the management of thyroid cancer. Acute bilateral opthalmoplegia secondary to metastatic prostatic carcinoma - Demonstration on Magnetic Resonance Imaging. (Abs) Asia Pacific Congress of Int. Inhomogeneity correction in a treatment planning system. Datta NR, Kumar S, Ayyagari. Dynamics of poly-?-benzyl-L-glutamate (?-helix) poly-?-benzyl-L-aspartate (?-sheet) and Computer aided radiation therapy. Maria Das KJ, Ayyagari S, Kapoor SL, Kaushal. Rajkumar A, Elhence V, Datta NR, Behari S, Gupta RK, Ayyagari.

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Safety gattaca technology essay and efficacy of concurrent cisplatin and radiotherapy in inoperable or metastatic squamous cell esophageal cancer. . Agarwal,., Datta,.R., Mishra,.K., Kumar,., Tandon,., Ayyagari,., Agarwal,. Datta,.R., Pascricha, R, Gambhir,., Phadke.V., Prasad,.N. Halder S, Datta NR, Maria Das KJ, Balasubramanium R, Ayyagari S, Hukku. Tumor regression dynamics with external radiotherapy in cancer cervix and its implications.

Spontaneous expulsion of mediastinal lymphnode in carcinoma esophagus. Does it make a difference in brachytherapy of cancer cervix?