the fog of war analytical essay

2012 6 Pages. Kennedy received two messages from Krushev during the crisis; McNamara calls one the hard message and the other the soft message.

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So the United States would hold searched into the onslaught even more and would hold found out that there was no onslaught at all. As the Secretary of Defense, serving underneath the rule of the President, McNamara was not and should not have been critical of the show more content, mcNamara sympathizes with the Japanese who had to experience this disaster and he knows that it was not. The piece is a mix between historical footage and an interview with Robert McNamara by essay on non-verbal communication the director, Errol Morris. Philip Glass is not the composer that comes to mind for a project like this, yet his daintily menacing score turns out to be perfect. There are many times throughout the movie that McNamara is a sympathetic figure. The "peace on earth, goodwill to men" bit simply grated too much on Don Loftus. They had already achieved entire devastation of the population. But before his resignation, LBJ awarded him with the Medal of Freedom. While McNamara believes that they were wrong in their decision, the determined mindset of the Joint Chiefs led to heavy repercussions.

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