essay on pet animals in english

WWF, which means that less than. Tuna, ivory (That's the next essay do not choose examples do not choose palm oil (the example essay) do not choose tantalum (the video). Just stop buying it) Activism Letter writing campaign Boycott Protest Paragraph C: description paragraph This is the second paragraph in the essay However, it is difficult so we will write it last Describe the animal in detail See write a description paragraph Remember - the. See write a summary-response, example solutions from previous essays Ecotourism De-extinction Sustainable Development Consumer pressure / Consumer awareness Zoo breeding programs keeping in zoo Zoo breeding programs returning to wild: (link) NGO for the specific animal or animal type for the animal type (e.g.

This is long, so choose only ONE part (link) Part 1 "What is the Nature of this threat" p words Part 2 "How is it conducted?"p words Part 3 "Who are the traffickers" p words Part 4 "How is the money handled"p84 300 words Part. Use re-usable instead of disposable things (e.g.

3) Ecosystems mentioned: R_F Oceans, D_ 4) Ecosystems are places where forms of life "D_ on e_ o 5) News reports accept "biodiversity is good" because provides: F_ W_ Some m_ Quality of a_ and c_ 6) News usually mention threats to biodiversity, including: "Habitat. Is there palm oil in your toothpaste? "there are 2 kinds of panda - giant panda and red panda - of which the most endangered. Browse some animals, wWF has simple summaries, with description, problems threats and solutions WHat WWF is doing (link iUCN Red list has a more varied list but be careful - not all of these animals have a good selection of problems or solutions: (link choose. An international law, like cites (link) banning trade in endangered animals Monitoring Programs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Refuse (i.e. see write a definition sentence Sectional Essay Version (GCP) Read the five paragraph version first.

How often is the answer "I don't know"? Japan) law Companies voluntary codes Activism Campaign/Awareness solutions (letter writing). Political Instability, corruption, smaller world leading to diseases spreading more easily hunting for food (Over-fishing, Over-hunting) for pet ndustry for animal parts (fur, souvenirs, medicine). When too many T_ cut down Industrial A_ G_ W_ P_ 7) think: The question at the end was "How can developing countries protect biodiversity at the same time as they pursue economic growth and reduce poverty?" Another word for this is "Sustainable Development". Batteries, PET, cans) Buying recycled things (e.g.